This is an overview of internet LSAT course options offered by our affiliates and sponsors.

  • Kaplan is the most popular LSAT course and have an online version of their classroom course.
  • LSATLab offers three classes a week on a rolling basis (they offer a free try-out class). They also offer two hours a month of online 1-on-1 tutoring with their course.
$1,399/12 months $99/month (features below are $199/month).
$1,699 with four hours of tutoring. One 30-minute 1-on-1 session per week.
75 LSATs + 8000 official LSAT questions 38 LSATs + 4000 official questions
70 Hours of video lessons + 28 Hours of online classes 30 hours of video lessons + 18 hours per month of live online classes with 99th percentile instructor.
Higher-score guarantee Best guarantee in LSAT industry: +5 point score guarantee after 3 months.
Kaplan’s flagship product isn’t their online course (and LSATLab is probably better); it’s their classroom courses offered at 100+ locations nationwide. Best value in the LSAT industry with 2 hours of tutoring and 18 hours of live classes for $199/month.
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Here are the schedules of upcoming online Kaplan classes:

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

01/24 - 05/23  Sun
01/26 - 03/16  Tue
01/26 - 03/18  Tue, Thu
01/26 - 03/18  Tue, Thu
01/26 - 05/11  Tue
01/26 - 05/11  Tue
01/28 - 03/18  Thu
01/28 - 05/13  Thu

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They offer a free demo class and custom study plan based on your strengths and weaknesses. Next two LSATLab classes: