Question Type V — Category of Writing (Advanced)

LSAT passages represent some form of writing in the real world. Is it a letter to a newspaper? An excerpt from a book? A lobbyist’s position paper?

How to identify ‘Category of Writing’ questions: Look for questions asking about the origin of the passage’s writing.

In what type of publication would this passage most likely appear?
Which of the following best describes the passage?
From which of the following sources was the passage most likely excerpted?
How to tackle them: As always with macro questions, it comes back to main idea and purpose. Who is the author and why did he or she write the passage? If you know that, you’ll know where the passage should appear.

For example, you decide that the purpose of the passage is to discredit a politician and its official language lets you know it was meant for the public to read. You can assume the writer is a reporter or journalist.

From which of the following sources is the passage excerpted?

A) A nationally distributed newspaper
B) A press release from a big company
C) The diary of a senator
D) A governmental budgetary report
E) An encyclopedia

If the writer is a journalist, then you know the answer must be A.

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Next LSAT: January 26