Question Type VI — Identity of the Author (Advanced)

This question type asks you to identify the type of person who wrote the passage. Don’t forget to use some elementary logic. A passage written to describe the mating habits of the whale will probably not have been written by a senator.

How to identify ‘Identity of the Author’ questions:
Look for questions that ask about the author.

  • Who is the most likely author of the passage?
  • Who might have written the passage?

How to tackle them: Use the main idea and purpose. You know what the passage is saying. You know the author’s purpose. Who would write such a passage?

Think back to the passage on water management. The government had screwed up by failing to coordinate water management agencies. The author’s purpose was to tell us about these problems. Their goal was for us to understand the problems as well as he or she did. So who could he or she be? Perhaps he or she is an academic who studies land management. Perhaps he or she is a lobbyist for an organization that supports irrigation. He or she could be a journalist who specializes in these issues. Use the main idea and purpose in conjunction with common sense. Who would be the likely author of a passage describing governmental problems in the management of water resources?

Next LSAT: January 26

Next LSAT: January 26