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LSATLab’s LSAT software gives you the feel of the Digital LSAT and offers live tutor support.

Free Trial Online Class

The main online class instructor is Matt Sherman. He scored a 176 on the LSAT and has 17 years experience teaching the LSAT and developing curricula at elite LSAT prep companies.

LSATLab Demo Course

LSATLab is an edutech startup based out of San Diego. It’s new for 2018 and is our #1 recommended LSAT prep course. It’s unique because it has great technology, like a massive test prep company, yet personal attention, like hiring a local tutor.

  • Free Sample LSAT: They offer a demo of the June 2007 LSAT in a format that resembles the new Digital LSAT.
  • Free Demo Class: Join one of three weekly classes (Sunday 8pm, Tuesday 9pm, and Thursday 9pm EST).
  • Excellent Instructors: scored over a 175 on the LSAT.
  • Over two dozen free videos: try out the course and content.
  • Design/Content/Usability: Most online LSAT courses are 5-15 years old (and they look it). LSATLab has a fresher design and newer videos.
  • Guaranteed: 10-day trial refund policy/higher-score guarantee. LSATLab specializes in helping students stuck in a rut boost their scores.
  • Half Price: Online LSAT courses are typically $199 month. LSATLab is just $99/month.

Kaplan Free LSAT Starter Pack

  • Free June 2007 LSAT PrepTest including explanations and diagnostics.
  • Law School Checklist
  • 20-Minute workouts
  • Pop Quiz for newbies to measure how much help you’ll need
  • LSAT Starter Pack: one-hour formal logic class and sample questions