Question Type III — Tone

How to identify ‘Tone’ questions: Tone is feeling, not thinking. Look for emotion and attitude.

  • What is the author’s attitude toward . . . ?
  • Which of the following best describes the author’s feelings toward . . . ?

How to tackle them: Look for adjectives in the passage that describe attitudes, such as “jubilant,” “depressed,” “extraordinary,” etc. Also, remember that the tone must be consistent with the main idea.

Which of the following best describes the author’s feelings towards gentrification?

A) Outrage
B) Suspicion
C) Indifference
D) Acceptance
E) Exhilaration

The author probably is not outraged or exhilarated about the subject. Both of these adjectives are extreme and would warrant much stronger language than what commonly appears in LSAT passages. On the other hand, “indifference” is probably not accurate either, as it implies too little emotion: if the author doesn’t care at all about the topic, why would he write a passage about it? “Acceptance” and “suspicion” are much more moderate feelings, so it’s likely that either (D) or (B) is the right answer. Similar to main idea questions, tone questions look for answers that fit somewhere in the middle: neither too hot nor too cold.

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Next LSAT: January 26