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Kaplan Test Prep offers live LSAT prep courses in Des Moines and Ames, Iowa. If these locations aren’t within your reach, there are online options available, too — both in a course form and on-demand.

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Iowa LSAT Prep Courses

LSAT On Demand

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Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

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Interact with expert teachers who deliver comprehensive instruction in a live, online classroom.

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Coursess

04/25 - 05/30  Mon, Wed
04/28 - 06/03  Sat, Sun
05/03 - 06/05  Tue, Thu
05/09 - 07/18  Wed
05/09 - 06/04  Mon, Wed, Sat
05/15 - 06/05  Tue, Wed, Thu
05/17 - 06/20  Tue, Thu
05/21 - 06/06  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu

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Iowa LSAT Classes

$200 off until 4/30!

Benefit from in-person, comprehensive instruction from expert teachers at a classroom location near you.

Drake University: 2507 University Avenue , Des Moines , IA 50311
05/24 - 07/19 Th, Sa
08/11 - 09/05 M, W, Sa

Iowa State University: , Ames , IA 50010
07/10 - 08/09 T, Th

University of Iowa: 130 Byington Rd. , Iowa City , IA 52242
06/12 - 07/19 T, Th
07/16 - 08/15 M, W

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Iowa LSAT Tutor

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No full-length courses available in Iowa.

Course NameStart DateEnd Date
LSAT Live Online Course Fall I starting September 6th, 20169/7/1611/23/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall II starting September 11th, 20169/12/1611/28/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall III starting October 5th, 201610/6/1611/17/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall IV Day starting October 12th, 201610/12/1611/21/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall V starting October 17th, 201610/18/1611/29/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall VI starting October 18th, 2016 with Jon Denning10/19/1611/30/16
LSAT Live Online Course Fall VII starting November 1st, 201611/2/1611/30/16
FREE LSAT Webinar - Logical Reasoning Causality Secrets – November 2nd, 201611/3/1611/3/16
LSAT Live Online Course Winter I starting November 13th 201611/14/161/30/17
LSAT Live Online Course Winter II starting December 13th, 201612/14/162/1/17
LSAT Live Online Course Winter III Day starting January 2nd, 20171/2/172/1/17
LSAT Live Online Course Winter IV starting January 4th, 20171/5/172/2/17
LSAT Live Online Course Winter V starting January 5th, 20171/6/172/1/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring I starting March 7th, 20173/8/175/24/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring II starting March 8th, 20173/9/175/25/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring III starting March 19th, 20173/20/176/5/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring IV starting April 1st, 20174/1/175/25/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring V starting April 18th, 20174/19/175/26/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring VI starting April 24th, 20174/25/176/6/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring VII Day starting April 26th, 20174/26/176/7/17
LSAT Live Online Course Spring VIII starting May 11th, 20175/12/176/9/17

No weekend courses available in Iowa.

LSAT Testing Center Locations in Iowa

LSAT Test Center LocationJune 2016Sept./Oct. 2016Dec. 3, 2016Feb. 4, 2017
Des Moines Area Community College×
University of Northern Iowa
Luther College
Loras College
University of Iowa

Law schools in Iowa

Law SchoolNat. RankAvg. LSATAccept. %Avg. Salary
University of Iowa College of Law#2016143.5%$70,000
Drake University Law School#11115174.9%$55,000

Rank according to U.S. News and World Report.