Over/Under Booked

Overbooked/Underbooked Ordering Games consist of situations where there will either be more entities than available spots, or more available spots than listed entities.

  • 10 people want to meet with a consultant, but he can only meet with one person each day of the week.
  • There are seven contestants in a horse show, but only ribbons for the first three riders.

In Underbooked, on the other hand, there are more items than positions. There might be eight spots and only four entities to place in them.

  • A commercial building has five floors but only three tenants. Each tenant can fill one floor.

When figuring out numbers try to choose the most extreme distribution of the highest or lowest possible numbers. The rules in these ordering games will be restricting what can be put where. Play around with the possibilities to get an idea of the extreme distributions possible in the game.

Over-Booked Question Walkthrough

Now that the Set Up is complete, we can move on to the questions.

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Over/Under Booked

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