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If You Took the LSAT Today, How Would You Do?

Both TestMax and Kaplan offer the June 2007 LSAT with diagnostics for free. TestMax allows you to take it on an tablet (like the new Digital LSAT) and offers video explanations and live tutor support.

TestMax’s LSAT Demo Course

  • Free June 2007 LSAT PrepTest, including video explanations for each question, and diagnostics and analytics
  • 2.5 hours of instructional videos
  • Live support from LSAT tutors
  • Available as a free download in the Apple App Store or Google Play

Next LSAT: January 26

Kaplan Free LSAT Starter Pack

  • Free June 2007 LSAT PrepTest including explanations and diagnostics.
  • Law School Checklist
  • 20-Minute workouts
  • Pop Quiz for newbies to measure how much help you’ll need
  • LSAT Starter Pack: one-hour formal logic class and sample questions

Next LSAT: January 26