Example 3

Present an argument in favor of one of the following two financial aid policies a university is considering implementing. Both policies will result in a roughly equal loss of students. As the cost to the university of both policies is about the same, two other considerations should shape your decision:

• The university wants to retain is current mix of ethnic and socioeconomic diversity.
• The university wants to maintain its reputation for academic excellence.

Option A calls for providing funding to the very best of the financially needy students. Currently, the university provides some degree of aid to half its students. Under this option, the university would provide full financial support to half of all student aid recipients; those with the best grades. The remaining half of student aid recipients who are not supported will almost certainly have to leave the university. Regrettably, most of those who leave will be minorities and other traditionally disadvantaged people. About 20 percent of the student body will be forced to leave, but the top academic achievers will be saved.

Option B calls for providing partial funding to all current student aid recipients. The university would not provide full funding to any student and roughly half of those currently receiving financial aid would not be able to continue their schooling. It should be noted, however, that the misery will be equally shared and the diversity of the student body will be maintained. Again, the university would lose about 20 percent of its current students.

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