These questions feature arguments from two speakers. Either they agree (they are parallel) or they disagree (they are not parallel).

CHALLENGE: Analyze an Agreement / Disagreement

Point questions are focused on finding a conflict between two speakers who agree or disagree.

  • James and Marcus agree that . . .
  • Which of the following provides the most support for holding that they disagree about whether…
  • The dialogue provides the most support that the speakers agree that…

How to solve

  1. Read both arguments from the speakers and identify their premises and conclusions.
  2. Identify any and all disagreements between the two arguments.
  3. Common correct answers might include their takes on a cause-and-effect argument.
  4. They may agree or disagree on the validity of a premise or evidence (not just conclusions). So, these Logical Reasoning questions have the validity of evidence as fair game.
  5. Avoid trap choices: something not relevant to the dispute.

Intro (0:10) | Ex.1 (1:25) | Ex.2 (5:00) | Ex.3 (9:58) | Trap Choices (14:05)
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