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Present an argument in favor of All-Sport Sporting Goods Company hiring one of the following two finalists for the company’s new director of personnel and public relations position. Both candidates are eager to accept the position and their salary requirements are comparable. In light of this, two other factors should influence your decision:

• The director of personnel and public relations must be able to improve employee-management relations which are now somewhat strained.
• The director of personnel and public relations is to strengthen national name recognition of the company and its products among the general public.

Susan Cole is a distinguished labor lawyer and professional mediator. She has served on the National Labor Relations Board in Washington D.C. and is widely known in the business community, though not by the public at large. She is generally viewed as a wise and fair mediator, but some executives feel she is too quick to side with labor in disputes. While Ms. Cole has some experience in dealing with the media because of her prior position with the NLRB, she admits that her public relations skills are weak.

Henry Able is currently vice president for public relations at Save-Big, a Midwestern retail chain. Able is well known to the people of the Midwest and familiar to residents of the West Coast because of the commercials he does for Save-Big. During the 15 years he has been with Save-Big, Able has headed the company’s advertising and public relations departments and been a critical player in making Save-Big the major regional retail chain it is today. Mr. Able has participated in managing employee relations at Save-Big, but his role was minor.

Sample Essay

All-Sport Sporting Goods is considering two highly qualified candidates for the new position of director of personnel and public relations. Each candidate offers special talents and the choice between them is a difficult one. Ms. Cole’s background is in labor relations and would be ideal in resolving All-Sport’s labor-management problems. Mr. Able on the other hand is versed in dealing with the public and the bulk of his work experience has been in that field. Due to All-Sport Sporting Goods’ more pressing labor problems, I am recommending All-Sport Sporting Goods offer the directorship to Ms. Cole.

One of the principal job specifications for this position is instilling a sense of pride and satisfaction in employees and healing the rift between employees and management. Susan Cole has a proven record in the areas of labor relations and negotiations. She is experienced in dealing with the many day-to-day problems that arise in an organization and she has a well-deserved reputation for fairness. These are just the qualities a director of personnel needs. Cole also would bring to All-Sport Sporting Goods a wealth of contacts and experience from her service on the National Labor Relations Board.

It goes without saying that Cole would be the better candidate to settle All-Sport Sporting Goods’ problems with its employees. It also goes without saying that resolving the company’s labor problems should be its first priority. No company can operate efficiently while labor and management are estranged. Henry Able would undeniably be a positive addition to the staff of All-Sport Sporting Goods. His experience in marketing and advertising would be extremely helpful in furthering the company’s national expansion plans and boosting its name recognition. Able is already well known to the people of midwestern and western states because of his television commercial appearances. His proven ability to effectively present his company and its products to the public would be an asset.

Naturally, there is something of a gamble in offering the directorship to either of these talented candidates. Susan Cole is a recognized expert in matters of personnel relations and labor management, but she has little knowledge of advertising and public relations. Henry Able has a solid background in public relations, but little experience in labor relations.

I conclude that Susan Cole offers us the greater assurance that she is the type of person All-Sport Sporting Goods is looking for. As labor relations are a top priority within the company. Cole is better suited to handle the complex negotiations with labor representatives that are bound to be needed. Were All-Sport Sporting Goods suffering primarily from an image problem, Henry Able would have been the better choice. It is for this reason that I must recommend Susan Cole for the directorship.

Essay Explanation

Start by examining the question you are being asked and look at the facts which are relevant to answering that question. When drafting your essay, be sure to remain focused on the main point of the question to which you are responding. Also be sure to keep in mind why relevant factors are relevant.

The question posed in this essay is whether the All-Sport Sporting Goods Company should hire Susan Cole, a personnel relations expert or Henry Able, a public relations expert, for the new position of director of personnel and public relations. Both are well qualified for one aspect of the position, but neither person has experience in both aspects of the position. A judgment has to be made as to which aspect of the position is of greater importance to All-Sport Sporting Goods and which candidate is more qualified to fulfill that aspect of the position.

In the opening paragraph, set forth the problem in a clear manner and announce the position you are taking. Be sure that your position is logical and effectively stated. Your middle paragraphs should justify the reason for your choice of a position. Do touch upon opposing arguments and factors which weigh against the position you have chosen. Finally, in your closing paragraph, you should restate the position you have taken and summarize the points that have led you to advocate the position.

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