Example 4

Present an argument in favor of All-Sport Sporting Goods Company hiring one of the following two finalists for the company’s new director of personnel and public relations position. Both candidates are eager to accept the position and their salary requirements are comparable. In light of this, two other factors should influence your decision:

• The director of personnel and public relations must be able to improve employee-management relations which are now somewhat strained.
• The director of personnel and public relations is to strengthen national name recognition of the company and its products among the general public.

Susan Cole is a distinguished labor lawyer and professional mediator. She has served on the National Labor Relations Board in Washington D.C. and is widely known in the business community, though not by the public at large. She is generally viewed as a wise and fair mediator, but some executives feel she is too quick to side with labor in disputes. While Ms. Cole has some experience in dealing with the media because of her prior position with the NLRB, she admits that her public relations skills are weak.

Henry Able is currently vice president for public relations at Save-Big, a Midwestern retail chain. Able is well known to the people of the Midwest and familiar to residents of the West Coast because of the commercials he does for Save-Big. During the 15 years he has been with Save-Big, Able has headed the company’s advertising and public relations departments and been a critical player in making Save-Big the major regional retail chain it is today. Mr. Able has participated in managing employee relations at Save-Big, but his role was minor.

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