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Hybrid Games

These games are about 20% of the total games on the LSAT, so you might get one of them as one of the four games on test day. They combine the traits of Ordering Games and Grouping Games.

For example: Imagine that seven people need to give speeches at the council meeting.

  • If Barbara needs to give her speech after Charles gives his, but before Miriam gives hers, what is the fewest number of people that must follow Barbara?

This video segues you from Linear Games to Hybrid Games.

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Hybrid Walkthrough #1

This video sets up The Grid for this Hybrid Game.

Now that we are done making The Grid for this game, we can move on to the questions:
0:01 Question #1
2:42 Question #2
3:33 Question #3
5:02 Question #4
7:55 Question #5

Advanced Inferences

Inferences from but not both statements.

This is a long and challenging video, but it shows how many inferences can be drawn from seemingly short and simple statements. Watch it closely and follow it step-by-step.

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