Colorado LSAT Classes

Kaplan offers LSAT prep classes year-round at the University of Colorado and the University of Denver. You can also use their online courses or get a tutor (either online or in-person). Kaplan LSAT Plus offers both classes and one-on-one tutoring.

Credentials you can trust. Kaplan has been helping prospective Colorado law students prep for LSAT since 1938.
Extensive resources across the board. It’s no problem if you don’t live near a local course. Kaplan’s online resources include the online PrepTest library, every released LSAT question including custom quizzes, the exclusive LSAT Channel, and much more.
Higher score = better job opportunities. A higher LSAT score will help you get into top law school programs. It is the #1 factor in law school admissions.

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Colorado LSAT Prep Courses and Tutors

Colorado LSAT Classes

Benefit from an LSAT small class course, a more personalized experience and guidance from expert teachers at a location near you.
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Starting at $1499

Kaplan LSAT Online Courses

Interact with expert teachers who deliver comprehensive instruction in a live, online classroom.
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Starting at $1299

LSAT Prep Online Bootcamp

Kaplan’s ultimate LSAT prep with comprehensive materials and live classes.
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Starting at $3900 $3999

Colorado LSAT Tutor

LSAT Tutor offers the personalized preparation available with an expert tutor guiding you one-on-one.
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Tutoring – 10 Hours $2399
Tutoring – 20 Hours $3299
Tutoring – 30 Hours $4099
Tutoring – 40 Hours $4999

LSAT Prep OnDemand

Kaplan (site sponsor) offers a low-cost option that includes videos and content with no personal instruction.
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Starting at $700 $799


LSAT Testing Center Locations in Colorado

LSAT Test Center LocationJuly 13, 2022August 29, 2022October 3, 2022November 14, 2022January 16, 2022
Community College of AurorayesNoyesNoyes
University of Colorado – BoulderyesNoyesNoyes
Pikes Peak Community CollegeyesNoyesNoyes
Community College of DenveryesNoyesNoyes
University of Denver Sturm College of LawyesNoyesNoyes
Fort Lewis CollegeyesNoyesNoyes
Colorado State UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Colorado Mesa UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
University of Northern ColoradoyesNoyesNoyes
Western State Colorado UniversityyesNoyesNoyes
Colorado State University – PuebloyesNoyesNoyes

Law Schools in Colorado

Law SchoolNat. RankAvg. LSATAccept. %Avg. Salary
University of Colorado School of Law#4016146.3%$80,000
University of Denver College of Law#7215745.1%$68,000

Rank according to U.S. News and World Report