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To conclude the Logical Reasoning course, here are general strategies and review questions.

Time & Stress Management

There is no single perfect way to achieve LR success. Try multiple methods and identify what works for you. A successful approach will get you the correct answer quickly and will simplify the process. Your approach needs to work in the approximately 1 minute and 25 seconds per question (the exact time per question varies by the number of questions per test: 24 or 26).

Lawyering is a high-stress profession; you have to think quickly on your feet. That the LSAT emphasizes speed and psychology-under-pressure isn’t a bug; it’s a feature.

Ladder of Difficulty

LSAT questions tend to become more difficult as the section progresses. This means that low scoring students should focus on the earlier questions as they will tend to be easier. If you aren’t a good LSAT student, skipping the final few questions altogether might be a good idea. Those harder questions at the end count as much as the easier ones at the beginning.

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Review Questions

These are simulated LSAT questions and are under development. Question revision will be complete by Sept. 21st.

The next topic is our Logic Games course. Logic Games comprise about 1/4 of the questions on the LSAT.

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Next LSAT: September 21st