Example 5

Lance Chaser, 26, has just graduated in the top fifth of his class at Harvard Law School. He has just received entry level job offers from the two law firms described below. Argue for his accepting one of the offers given the following long-term career goals Chaser has held for many years:

• To be a wealthy senior partner in a prominent New York law firm by the age of 40
• To someday enter national politics, most likely as a senator or congressman.

Chaser received the first offer from the prestigious Wall Street law firm Doolittle, Reklein and Doolittle. This corporate law firm, with offices in New York, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles, offered Chaser an associate position starting at $185,000 a year and a cubicle in the basement of their Manhattan offices. Most of Chaser’s work will involve doing research with 20-30 other young associates on merger and antitrust cases for Fortune 500 companies. The firm hires about 100 top graduates from Ivy League law schools every year and promotes from within the firm. Currently, there are five senior partners, 25 junior partners and 475 associates.

The second job offer was from Small, Towne and Hicks, a prominent law firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The firm handles a wide range of cases, civil and criminal, throughout the Midwest. Small, Towne and Hicks has never had an Ivy League law school graduate in the firm before and is very interested in upgrading its national image. It offered Chaser a starting salary of $110,000 a year, early promotion to junior partner, a broad range of legal experiences, use of a 15-room Victorian house near to the firm’s offices and a free membership in the Elks Club. The firm consists of three senior partners, 15 junior partners and 90 associates. Each of the senior partners has been politically active in the state. One is a former U.S. senator and the other two are sitting members of Iowa’s state legislature.

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