Tempe LSAT Classes

Kaplan offers Tempe LSAT prep classes at its center on the ASU campus. They are the largest LSAT prep and law school admissions counseling company, offering both online and live courses ranging from $799 to $1500.

Providing Tempe LSAT prep courses for over 30 years: More people get into law schools like ASU with a Kaplan LSAT Prep Course than any other.
Personalized LSAT prep course: Their software gives you customized recommendations based on your needs.
Higher LSAT score guaranteed or your money back.

Tempe’s own Arizona State University Law School has an average LSAT score of 161 with a 43% acceptance rate.

LSAT On Demand

This low-cost option includes videos and content with no personal instruction.

Starting at $749

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Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

LSAT course taught by an experienced Kaplan LSAT instructor in a virtual classroom.

$200 off Kaplan until Nov 24th.

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

11/26 - 01/09  Mon, Wed
11/29 - 01/10  Tue, Thu
12/02 - 01/20  Sun
12/03 - 01/16  Mon, Wed
12/08 - 01/13  Sat, Sun
12/11 - 01/23  Tue, Thu
12/17 - 01/04  Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri
12/20 - 01/22  Tue, Thu

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Tempe LSAT Classes

Take an LSAT classroom course in Tempe, AZ.

$200 off Kaplan until Nov 24th.

ASU Kaplan Center: 301 E. Orange Ste. 48, 48-A-B , Tempe , AZ 85281  -  more info
01/02 - 01/22 T, W, Th, Sa
01/06 - 03/24 Su
01/29 - 03/14 T, Th
02/04 - 03/18 M, W
02/26 - 03/26 T, Th, Su
03/16 - 05/18 Sa
03/25 - 04/24 M, W
04/02 - 05/07 T, Th

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Find an LSAT Tutor either in TEMPE or online.

Tutoring – 15 Hours $2,599
Tutoring – 25 Hours $3,699
Tutoring – 35 Hours $4,799

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ASU Law School has an average LSAT score of 161.

Kaplan has a test center located at ASU Kaplan Center: 301 E. Orange Ste. 48, 48-A-B, Tempe, AZ 85281 where you can go to work, take dress rehearsal tests, classes and meet tutors.

Princeton Review LSAT Courses

For more than 35 years, students have trusted The Princeton Review to help get them into law school. The service provides the personalized private training that help you think like a lawyer. They are also a sponsor of the free LSAT Center prep course.

More than 8,000 real LSAT questions
Think Like a Lawyer™
Students average a 12-point score improvement
Money-back guaranteed higher scores
Designed exclusively for online instruction.
Engaging teachers with proven expertise and a sense of humor


Study on your own with the tools you need to beat the LSAT and drill down into your weaknesses.


Discipline yourself with 30 hours of live, focused classroom time focused.

Starting at $1299

11/26 - 01/23 M-Th
12/29 - 03/27 M, W
01/05 - 03/28 T, Th
01/26 - 03/26 Su, T, Th
02/02 - 06/01 Su, Sa
02/04 - 03/27 M-Th

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Ultimate LiveOnline

One of the most comprehensive online classroom courses with over 150 hours of instructional content.

Starting at $1299

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Private Tutoring

Personalized tutoring program tailored and taught exclusively to you. Your tutor zeroes in on your weaknesses and teaches you exactly how to beat them.