Trick Answer Type: Trick Opposites

This trap involves contradicting the question stem. This trap is very common on Strengthen/Weaken questions where the answer choice does the opposite of what the stem wants:

Here are examples of these deliberate tricks intended to catch students who rush through questions:

  • All of the following may be inferred from the passage EXCEPT:
    Then the LSAT gives one answer that absolutely may be inferred from the passage (which test-takers tend to pick automatically if they forget the “EXCEPT”).
  • The stem asks for an assumption in an argument, and one of the answer choices is a summary of the argument (but not an underlying assumption).
  • Which of the following weakens the argument above?
    Then the LSAT gives an answer choice that obviously strengthens the argument.

On test day, expect to run into a stem that looks like this:

All of the following are true, EXCEPT:

The translation of “EXCEPT” is that, of the five choices, all of them fit the condition EXCEPT one of them.

All of the following are reasons to go to business school EXCEPT:

(A) networking with future powerful executives
(B) eager to learn accounting
(C) increase your income
(D) impress your friends
(E) hone your poetry skills

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