Milwaukee LSAT Classes

Kaplan offers LSAT courses in Milwaukee. You can take these course online through their website, through their various live seminars, or through one-on-one tutors.

  • Kaplan has been in Milwaukee for over 50 years. More students have gotten into schools like Marquette University Law School with Kaplan than any other.
  • Kaplan software lets you prepare for your LSAT with customized learning that adapts to your performance. The prep software adapts to your strengths and weaknesses.

Score-Raising Strategies

Kaplan offers proven strategies which help to manage time efficiently and answer questions accurately

Time Pacing

Kaplan teaches effective time management strategies which allow students to stay ahead of the clock and keep focused.

Focused Practice

Kaplan provides thousands of practice questions and full-length simulated exams to make sure that you are completely ready to get the best score

LSAT Prep OnDemand

Kaplan (site sponsor) offers a low-cost option that includes videos and content with no personal instruction.

Starting at $749

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Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

LSAT course taught by an experienced Kaplan LSAT instructor in a virtual classroom.

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

02/29 - 04/14  Tue, Sat
03/01 - 04/04  Sat, Sun
03/01 - 04/16  Thu, Sun
03/04 - 04/06  Mon, Wed
03/04 - 03/25  Mon, Wed, Sat
03/05 - 04/07  Tue, Thu
03/05 - 03/26  Tue, Thu, Sun
03/07 - 05/02  Sat

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Milwaukee LSAT Prep Classes

Take an LSAT classroom course in Milwaukee, WI.

Marquette University: 530 N. 16th St , Milwaukee , WI 53233
03/23 - 04/22 M, W
03/25 - 05/27 W
04/19 - 06/28 Su
04/28 - 05/28 T, Th
05/05 - 06/04 T, Th

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Milwaukee LSAT Tutor

Find an LSAT Tutor either in Milwaukee or online.

Tutoring – 15 Hours $2,599
Tutoring – 25 Hours $3,699
Tutoring – 35 Hours $4,799

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  • The Marquette University Law School have an average LSAT score of 153 (55.6 percentile).
  • The admissions rate is 77.0%, making it a competitive school.
  • The average GPA is 3.16.
  • The average starting salary of graduates in the private sector is $60,000 and in the public sector it is $49,500.
  • The admissions deadline is April 1st.