The LSAT is converting to the new digital tablet-based format.

The Good News

  • Scores will be available in a matter of days, rather than weeks.
  • Accessibility and user features will be standard, such as the ability to increase type size, control brightness, highlight and underline text.
  • The 35-minute writing portion of the exam will be separated from the rest of the exam, allowing test takers to complete it on their own computers at their convenience.
  • Custom security technology will protect the integrity of the exam.

The Bad News

  • The Digital LSAT will be on a tablet; you’ll have to get used to NOT working up the test book with your notes and charts. You’ll have to feverishly work on scrap paper (like the GMAT). This is very awkward, particularly for the Logic Games. Practice on a computer and get used to copying over carefully on to scrap paper!
  • There may be limited official LSATs in the digital format. They also might be more expensive to take in the digital format.
  • Variables and unknows with new format

Digital LSAT Features

  • Highlight text and notate items
  • Eliminate choices easily
  • Set difficulty and contrast

On the new Digital LSAT there is no booklet to write on. So, you have to write on scrap paper.

Demo Digital LSAT

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