In-and-out Games

These games are binary with only two possibilities for each element relating a specific trait. Every element is “yes or no” for a series of things. So, these games will involve something happening or not happening. The player will be on the team or she won’t be.

Because they are yes or no in their orientation, they are loaded with if then type statements (why conditionals are so important). You need to get as much information as possible to solve these games in order to narrow down possibilities. To narrow down possibilities you need to make inferences from the rules the game gives you. To do this you need to constantly contrapose or make conditional chains through finding common variables.

Intro (0:01) | Ex.1 (2:31) | Ex.2 (10:27) | Trap Choices (13:07)
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In-and-Out Learning Game

In-and-Out Game Walkthrough

Here’s a demo of an In-and-Out Game. This video goes through the making of The SetUp.

Use the setup to answer questions on the game:

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In-and-Out Games

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