Example 2

You are a career counselor at a local state college and must argue in favor of a student, John Rock, entering one of the two fields presented below. The student does equally well in both disciplines, but has no interest in being a double major. Since John Rock has made an appointment with you to discuss his career plans, your recommendation of a major must take into account:

• the major which will yield the best job opportunities in the future
• the interests and talents of the student

Rock is a sophomore and has taken five courses in philosophy, in each of which he has earned “A’s.” Rock tells you that his greater interest is in philosophy and that he knows he can use a philosophy background as a preparation for a legal career which he has frequently considered. John knows that the only job opportunities available in philosophy, per se, are in college teaching. Rock, however is not enthusiastic about the idea of going to graduate school.

John enjoys reading, writing, and debating and can argue both logically and persuasively. John is also aware that philosophy is an impractical field which pays little.

John Rock has also taken six courses in physics and received all “B+’s.” John tells you that he finds physics more challenging but less enjoyable than philosophy. John is unsure if he wants to spend the rest of his life in a scientific career, but is happy that a career in physics would be both profitable and prestigious. Rock is also happy that even with a bachelor’s degree, he could find a well-paying job. Rock’s father has consistently encouraged his son John to major in physics, so the choice of physics would also please his father.

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