Arlington LSAT Classes

Kaplan Test Prep – the largest LSAT preparation and law school admissions counseling company. Kaplan offers online and live courses ranging from $700-$1500.

Proven track record: More people get into law school with a Kaplan LSAT Prep Course.
Personalized learning: Kaplan software gives you customized recommendations based on your needs.
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LSAT On Demand

This low-cost option includes videos and content with no personal instruction.

Starting at $749

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Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

LSAT course taught by an experienced Kaplan LSAT instructor in a virtual classroom.

Starting at $1299

Kaplan LSAT Advantage Online Courses

11/15 - 01/17  Thu
11/17 - 01/06  Sat, Sun
11/26 - 01/09  Mon, Wed
11/29 - 01/10  Tue, Thu
12/02 - 01/20  Sun
12/03 - 01/16  Mon, Wed
12/08 - 01/13  Sat, Sun
12/11 - 01/23  Tue, Thu

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Arlington LSAT Classes

Take an LSAT classroom course in Arlington, VA.

Starting at $1299

Kaplan International Washington DC: 1100 G Street NW , Washington , DC 20005
12/17 - 01/21 M, W, Sa
12/18 - 01/22 T, Th, Su
01/05 - 03/23 Sa
01/15 - 03/26 T
02/03 - 03/28 Th, Su
02/18 - 03/27 M, W
02/23 - 05/11 Sa
02/24 - 04/18 Th, Su
02/26 - 05/14 T

College Park Kaplan Center: 7338 Baltimore Ave., Ste 205 College Park Shopping Center (Above Deli), College Park , MD 20740
12/04 - 01/24 T, Th
12/17 - 01/21 M, W, Sa
01/05 - 03/23 Sa
01/31 - 03/07 T, Th
02/13 - 03/27 M, W
04/08 - 05/08 M, W

Residence Inn Arlington Courthouse: 1401 N Adams St , Arlington , VA 22201
12/17 - 01/21 M, W, Sa
02/13 - 03/27 M, W

Holiday Inn Arlington - Ballston Metro: 4610 North Fairfax Drive , Arlington , VA 22203
02/25 - 03/27 M, W

Rockville Hilton: 1750 Rockville Pike , Rockville , MD 20852
01/05 - 03/23 Sa

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Arlington LSAT Tutor

Find an LSAT Tutor either in Arlington or online.

Tutoring – 15 Hours $2,599
Tutoring – 25 Hours $3,699
Tutoring – 35 Hours $4,799

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Try out a real LSAT Test

Site-sponsors LSAT Lab and Kaplan offer the Official June 2007 LSAT with diagnostics for free. LSAT Lab‘s free Starter course also simulates the Digital LSAT (coming in July 2019), has video and interactive explanations, and lets you take a free online class.

LSAT Lab is an edutech based out of San Diego. It’s our #1 recommended course. They offer the best guarantee: +5 LSAT points.

Free “Starter” Course

  • Free Official LSAT in the new Digital LSAT format.
  • 25+ hours of LSAT instructional videos
  • Study plan generator
  • Free class demo: Join one of three weekly classes focusing on a single LSAT question topic (Sunday 8 pm ET, Tuesday 9 pm, Thursday 9 pm). Instructor Matt Sherman scored a 176 and has spent 17 years teaching the LSAT and developing curricula for elite LSAT prep companies.

“Premium” Courses

  • Three online classes a week
  • 4000 LSAT question database sorted by difficulty and up to 38 LSATs
  • Diagnostics: identify strengths / weaknesses and optimal prep strategies
  • Newer Design & Content: Most online LSAT courses and videos are 5-to-15 years old.
  • Affordable: Online LSAT courses often charge over $1000; LSAT Lab starts at $99/month.
  • GMU Law School has an average LSAT score of 161.
  • The admissions rate is 32%, making it a somewhat competitive law school.
  • The average GPA is 3.59.
  • The average starting salary of graduates in the private sector is $80,000 and in the public sector it is $57,292.
  • The admissions deadline is April 1.

Law Schools and Firms in Arlington

The Antonin Scalia Law School at George Mason University (Average LSAT Score: 161) is the only law school in Arlington. With a total enrollment of about 775 and a 24% acceptance rate, it is a competitive program. Ranked as the #42 best law school in the country, and the #4 best part-time law program, it boasts a strong faculty and student body that ensure students get a great education. In fact, upon graduating, 85% of students are employed full time.

In addition to interning at a local law firm, GMU offers legal clinics, supervised externships, and legal practicum courses for credit and experience.

The largest law firm in the city is Bean, Kinney, & Korman P.C., with 39 attorneys. BKK offers a number of valuable internships for law school students working closely with experienced attorneys.

Virginia Test Centers

All Test dates

  • Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale, VA
  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA
  • Emory & Henry College, Emory, VA
  • Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
  • University of Richmond Law School, Richmond, VA
  • Roanoke Higher Education Center, Roanoke, VA
  • Wytheville Community College, Wytheville, VA

Some Test Dates

  • Southwestern Virginia Higher Education Center, Abingdon, VA (June/Dec/Feb)
  • Marymount University, Arlington, VA(Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Virginia Polytech Institute & State University, Blacksburg, VA (Sept/Dec)
  • University of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Hampton University, Hampton, VA (Dec/Feb)
  • Lord Fairfax Community College, Middletown, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Northern Virginia Community College, Springfield, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)
  • Regent University School of Law, Virginia Beach, VA (Sept/Dec/Feb)