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How to Prepare for the LSAT

Since 1999, LSAT Center has been the ultimate LSAT prep site with over one million users to date. We offer a free 300-page online prep course, advice from top experts, a timed essay simulator, help finding an LSAT class and more.

Take a Sample LSAT Test

Take a sample LSAT section including complete explanations and timed proctor.

300-Page Free LSAT Course

Start your preparation immediately with a free LSAT course, with over 300 pages of prep materials.

How Critical is the LSAT?

How do admission committees evaluate your scores? Four hours on a Saturday morning taking the LSAT could be more important than four years toiling in undergraduate classrooms.

Prepare for the Writing Sample

Learn how to write and structure your essay and take timed practice essays.

Logic Games Instructional Videos

Four instructional videos discussing techniques for the LSAT Games section.

Admissions Consulting Videos

PowerScore provides crucial insight into the admissions process with these instructional videos.