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Since 1999, LSAT Center has been the ultimate LSAT prep site with over one million users to date. We offer a free 300-page online prep course, advice from top experts, a timed essay simulator, help finding an LSAT class and more.
  • Need to find a local classroom prep course or a personal tutor?
    Use our location database to find LSAT prep in your area (USA, Canada and Online).

  • Take a Sample LSAT Test
    Take a sample LSAT section including complete explanations and timed proctor.

  • 300-page Free LSAT Introductory Course
    Start your preparation immediately with a free LSAT course.

  • How Critical is the LSAT?*
    How admissions committees evaluate your scores. Many admissions committees will value the LSAT more than your cumulative undergraduate GPA. Four hours on a Saturday morning taking the LSAT could be more important than four years toiling in undergraduate classrooms.

  • LSAT Registration
    How to sign up for the and find test dates.

  • Prepare for the Writing Sample
    Learn how to write and structure your essays and take timed practice essays.

  • Logic Games Instructional Videos
    Four videos discussing techniques for the LSAT Games section.

  • Admissions Consulting Videos
    PowerScore provides crucial insight into the admissions process with these instructional videos.

*LSAT is a registered trademark of LSAC (Law School Admissions Council) . The LSAT Center has no affiliation. All LSAT's are simulated.