In this review, we will discuss the strengths and weakness of site-sponsor Blueprint LSAT prep. We’ve reviewed dozens of LSAT prep products, and we believe Blueprint has the best course organization and content (note: since we’ve never sat in on a class, we can’t speak to the live classroom experience)

Blueprint’s strong suits are very clearly the high quality of their curriculum, the intuitive and helpful presentation, and their roster of LSAT experts, all of which work together to explain their students’ impressive average score improvement.

Score Improvement Data

Gimmicks aside, the best metric for evaluating any LSAT course is how much its students improve their LSAT scores. After all, isn’t that why students purchase a course in the first place? Score improvements are a direct reflection of the strength of a prep company’s curriculum and the engaging, approachable nature of its presentation. Blueprint that was +11 points, which can make a world of difference in law school admissions.

How do they do it?

1. Data Science
extensively analyzes students’ performance and uses proprietary technology to determine their unique strengths and weaknesses. Their extensive categorization of LSAT questions makes their analytics more pinpointed, giving students a clear idea of what to work on far beyond just displaying score and right vs. wrong.

2. Exhaustive content organized by an Adaptive Engine
A plethora of content intuitively organized for student success Blueprint has explanations for all 8500+ LSAT questions ever released by LSAC, in addition to drills, quizzes, and homework questions that are personalized and adapted to students’ individual needs. This amount of content could easily get confusing, but with Blueprint, it’s cataloged in an easy-to-use system. The online platform was recently improved using student feedback and is completely responsive and easy to navigate.

3. Interactive HD Online Videos
Blueprint recently overhauled its entire online course, including updating the HD-streaming lesson videos to make them more modern, clear and intuitive, and visually appealing. The videos are now presented by three of Blueprint’s top-scoring, highest-rated, and most experienced instructors. On top of all that, the videos are now interactive, with quizzes carefully interspersed to either reinforce concepts as students learn or to test mastery.

4. LSAT Experts
Blueprint LSAT instructors go through a rigorous selection and training process. While many test prep companies only require high scores from a practice LSAT to teach, Blueprint instructors must score at least a 170 on an official LSAT and undergo an exhaustive 188-hour training process.

5. Entertaining LSAT Prep
Blueprint has made it known how much it detests boring, bland LSAT prep. Yet many of the players in the LSAT market provide exactly that, with dull whiteboard presentations and dry content. In its mission to change this, Blueprint designed its course to be entertaining and
engaging across its many resources. The course video has custom hand-drawn animations, funny and personable expert presenters, and interspersed quizzes with fun question types like matching and true/false. And with Blueprint, even tasks you’d expect to be dull – like answering practice questions – feel like playing a game, where points are accumulated depending on performance. It can take over 100 hours to fully prepare for the LSAT, and burnout is real; without a dose of fun, this psychological breakdown could compromise your performance on test day.

6. Comprehensive Support
Even the best LSAT prep class can’t get by on curriculum alone. Studying for the LSAT is a huge endeavor, and often can’t be undertaken on your own. Blueprint offers comprehensive support for its students through Study Buddy (an instructor-monitored email account), free 6-day-per-week Office Hours with an experienced instructor, and a team of Academic Managers and Student Representatives that help students find a class or private tutor that best fits their needs.

7. Both Affordable and High-Quality LSAT Prep Options
As a boutique test prep company, Blueprint solely focuses on LSAT materials and services, unlike other test prep companies that offer prep for every exam under the sun. Their narrow focus allows them to deliver comprehensive and high-quality LSAT prep. To be as accessible as possible to students, Blueprint offers affordable options, including a subscription-based online course and reduced fees for LSAC fee waiver recipients.

Score Increase and 10-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

10 Practice LSATs
Hundreds of Hours of Online Content
24 Hour Email Support
Every Released LSAT Question (over 8000)
Mobile Friendly

Free LSAT Office Hours Six Days a Week
98th Percentile Instructors

Kaplan vs. Blueprint

  • More Locations
    The main advantage Kaplan has over Blueprint is history. Kaplan has been around for years, and its reputation and age has allowed it to grow considerably to create more courses, locations, and even fixed offices in many cities. Blueprint currently has 20+ locations (in Southern California, Northern California, New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Boston, Miami, Seattle, Phoenix, Austin, and Houston).
  • Blueprint LSAT shows better results
    Blueprint is smaller and more focused, with an engaging curriculum. They concentrate on LSAT alone, so they know it inside and out. This results in their students’ inspiring score improvements. An 11-point average increase speaks for itself. Price Promotions aside, the stated prices are about the same, though Blueprint offers free Office Hours six days per week.
  • Your style
    If you prefer a traditional cut-and-dried approach, Kaplan is your best bet. However, if you’re looking for high-tech, engaging test prep with animated videos and personalized materials, look to Blueprint. Fortunately, you can try out Blueprint for free when you sign up for a free MyBlueprint account at ​Blueprint LSAT. They also offer a 10-day Satisfaction Guarantee. Risk-free shopping at its best.


There are the standard caveats. A live classroom course is taught at a level that might be either above or below your LSAT skillset. You also need to commit to staying on top of your work. The score increase guarantee only includes the students who took all the practice tests, went to all the class meetings, and did all the work (homework included). You can’t just write a check and expect a higher score. This is like joining a gym; hard work and perseverance will get you far.

Sign up for Blueprint LSAT

The four course options are:

  • LSAT OnDemand (no live teaching): $399 + $199 per month
  • LSAT live online course (live teaching): $1299
  • Live classroom courses (available in about 20 US cities): $1599
  • 1-on-1 tutoring (available in about 20 US cities): $1899-$8000+

To find out more, go to BlueprintLSAT