Kaplan (advertiser disclosure) is the largest test prep company with over 90 subject areas. Kaplan LSAT offers four main options:

  • Lower-cost on-demand video with or without additional tutoring services
  • In-person classes
  • Live webcast lectures
  • One-on-One Tutoring

Every option comes with access to thousands of practice questions from Kaplan’s QuizBank and other online materials. They also have the LSAT Channel, which includes hundreds of hours of prep videos.

Why Kaplan?

  1. Brick-and-mortar locations
    has dozens of test centers in major cities and college towns across the USA. You can go to a physical place to meet tutors, take classes, and get customer service. You can take simulated tests that have the feel of the LSAT in an actual classroom.
  2. Courses everywhere
    If you miss a class, it’s easy to go to another location because they have so many. You can also review class content online. Given these advantages, students overwhelmingly take the live Kaplan LSAT classroom course option.
  3. Diagnostic Software
    Kaplan LSAT prep includes tracking software to measure your progress and adaptive software that adapts to your performance. Your tutor and instructors can see your progress
  4. Massive content
    Their extensive library of LSAT content includes more than 70 hours of on-demand videos, 75 quizzes, and more than 7,000 questions.
  5. Easy-to-use
    Kaplan has obviously invested huge sums in the organization and design of its materials. LSAT content is incredibly dense and difficult to wade through. It helps to have it well-organized.
  6. Support from Instructors
    Choosing one of Kaplan LSAT’s live instructor driven courses will get you direct communication with instructors.
  7. Higher Score Guarantee
    If you aren’t satisfied with your test score, you have the option of taking the LSAT course again for free. (Note that this guarantee does not apply to their self-paced course, but only to the In Person and Live Online course options if you don’t skip any classes


  1. Price
    Pricing starts around $399 + $199 per month after the first month and works itself up to over $3000 for extensive tutoring packages. Kaplan LSAT prep is not cheap, but given the resources at your disposal it doesn’t seem like a bad value so long as you use what is available to you.
  2. Get up-to-speed
    There isn’t that much hand holding. Don’t waste your classes by failing to do the review work beforehand. Have questions ready to ask. Kaplan LSAT courses are hard, so don’t take them casually. Much of the benefit of these classroom courses is that they force you to take LSAT review seriously and not procrastinate. Signing up for a course immediately puts you on a schedule that will make sure you’re not slacking in your test prep.
  3. There is no easy way to a high LSAT score
    Kaplan instructors will tell you that using their course is like joining a gym. You have to make the most out of it. Don’t be shy about asking for help. You have to put in tremendous work to make the most out of the staggering resources Kaplan LSAT offers. If you are lazy or fail to assert yourself, it isn’t going to make a difference how much money you spent.
    Here a Kaplan teacher advises students to reach out early and often. Don’t be shy and assert yourself.

How to sign up

Kaplan is a site-sponsor affiliate of The LSAT Center. Online courses are listed to the right. Local classroom schedules can be found by clicking the below.

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    Oct 23 - Dec 18, Sat: Times vary
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